The work I’ve done with Ethan has been invaluable. His panther-like ability to zero in on what needs to be addressed and his knack for customizing strategies to address those issues has helped me tremendously in reducing stress and anxiety. As a result, I am much more peaceful, focused and effective in my day to day life, especially in the work I do advocating for individuals’ rights in the developmental disability system.

– E.M., NY State

Ethan’s deep listening skill and his masterful work with changing core beliefs took me from a state of despair to sweet release in a matter of minutes! I recommend you don’t wait in the suffering corral any longer! Ethan can help you set yourself free!

– Deborah W, San Anselmo, CA

After just one session with Ethan, I was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly he was able to track down and transform a few of my negative beliefs that I had held onto for years. Right away I felt as if a cloud had been lifted, as if someone had given me the key I had been searching for. So often, after each session I complete tasks I had been putting off for months. Since that first session Ethan has helped dissolve much of what has been in my way and I am forever grateful.

– A.C., CA

Before working with Ethan I was always just getting by financially. I tried many things to change my internal “money blueprint,” but nothing worked.

In just days after my session with Ethan I got a sudden idea for a new income stream and soon I was earning 15% more! It was amazing! Ethan’s method works like magic. It’s just like you are having a conversation with a friend and you almost don’t even know anything’s changing. And then “poof!” What once felt absolutely true suddenly felt absurd. This was the quickest, easiest (and most effective) belief-dissolving process I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you, Ethan!

– Jan R, Berkeley, CA